Octave Guide:
Wedding Toast Speeches

By Octave Event Group

You may have received the honor of being asked to propose a toast at your friend’s wedding. What will you say? Writing a memorable toast without any guidance can feel like a daunting task, which is why we are sharing a few tips with you that should help you in the process of preparing a wedding toast; one that is sure to make the newlywed couple smile, as well as earn you compliments from everyone throughout the reception.

Wedding Toast Speech Tips by Octave Event Group

Standard wedding toast structure

Introduce yourself to everyone and share how you know the bride and groom. Make sure to thank the parents for raising two exceptional individuals, as well as the person who selected you to make a toast on this special occasion. Next, tell an entertaining story about the groom and then a flattering story about the bride. If you cannot think of a story, share an anecdote where you knew that the couple were meant to be together. Near the end of your toast, raise your glass and lead the other guests to do the same. Offer your congratulations to the newlywed couple and wish for them continued commitment, happiness, and success. Finally, end your toast with a heartfelt message or sentimental thought.

Six rules to keep in mind

1. Humor in wedding toasts are expected, however keep it lighthearted. Avoid making insensitive, crude, or offensive jokes, unless you are certain the whole audience would approve. Try to avoid inside jokes as well, since other guests will simply feel out of the loop.

2. Do not mention or even allude to any previous partners or spouses during the toast.

3. The spotlight should be on the couple at all times and making them look as good as possible. Try not to promote yourself or talk about your life, if not necessary for the story.

4. Keep the speech between three to six minutes. Avoid telling long-winded meandering stories that predate the couple, such as childhood tales.

5. Rehearse the toast ahead of time, so you feel more confident speaking in front of the audience. It is perfectly okay to bring notes or write the whole speech ahead of time.

6. Be positive! The groom and the bride specifically chose you to make a toast on one of the most important days of their lives. Everyone at the wedding wants you to do well.

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