A Gentleman’s Guide To
The Half Windsor Knot

By Octave Event Group

How to tie a Half Windsor knot

Half Windsor knot is a classic, highly versatile tie knot that complements most dress shirt collars and is appropriate for almost any special occasion. Maybe you know someone who will be wearing a tie for the very first time or you would simply like to learn a new way to tie a tie, our illustrated instructions are here to help with mastering this tie tying technique.

All you will need for the Half Windsor knot is a necktie of medium to light fabric thickness and around five minutes.

Half Windsor knot step by step instructions from Octave Event Group

1. Wide end of the tie should hang around 12 inches lower than narrow end.

2. Cross the wide end of the tie over the narrow end.

3. Wrap the wide end underneath the narrow end.

4. Pull up the wide end of the tie towards neck.

5. Slide wide end through the gap between the shirt collar and necktie loop.

6. Cross the wide end to the other side (from left to right or vice versa).

7. Take the wide end, bring it through the neck loop from underneath.

8. Pass the wide end through the front necktie loop and pull it downwards.

9. Adjust the tightness of the tie by sliding the knot towards the shirt collar.

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